It’s all about who we are

We provide high-end CI solutions and software development. Our partners enjoy faster, better, stronger product creation through the power of automation and continuous integration.

Technology alone does not cause change, people do. We help to shape a culture and the behavior that produces high quality software products. Together with our partners we journey throughout the process of change, sharing and building knowledge along the way. Together we have each other’s backs.


We Are Hiring!

We are always looking for new talent. Check out our careers site to see what positions are currently open.

Don’t worry if your profile doesn’t fit the current openings. Get in touch and tell us why you would like to join the doWhile family.

Our Background

doWhile comes packed with enterprise software architect experience, a global view and a humble culture.

doWhile is a multinational and multicultural company focused on providing high-end services and solutions within software development, continuous integration and DevOps.

At doWhile, we have a background that goes beyond setting up servers, installing applications and writing scripts. We are solution architects with a long experience of designing software workflows in organizations with 1000+ developers.

We work with ambitious clients and strive to bring them the improvement in delivery and evaluation models for their software that they need to become market leaders.


We are an open-minded and transparent organization with products that target a global level, including areas like Middle East and Asia. We enjoy challenges regardless of location.

We incorporate a learning, sharing and helping company culture to our operations and challenges. We believe it’s fun to work with colleagues which always learn, share and evolve!

This is a central piece in the doWhile spirit and something we enjoy and like to share with whomever we collaborate with.

Core Areas

Since inception, our services have been built on 3 business core areas all contributing with synergy to the organizational success.

These 3 core areas are:

Software Development

CI/CD Expert Consulting

CI/CD Solutions

What We Offer

CI/CD Expertise
We know and love CI/CD! We’ve defined and orchestrated continuous integration and continuous deployment services, processes and flows for some of the most complex systems and industries out there.
Maybe you just need a CI/CD expert to talk to for a few hours, just to get some feedback on where you are already headed? Maybe you want to give yourself and your colleagues a deeper understanding of continuous integration of complex systems and have us provide training? Maybe you want a whole team of people with solid experience in CI and test automation? We’ve done it all!
doWhile CI consultants bring with them not just their personal experience, but the backing experience of the whole company, together with concrete strategies and solutions for anything ranging from getting basic CI up-and-running, to the analytics-driven CI/CD “endgame”.